About Michael’s Prints

The limited edition prints offered on this site are made using the highest quality museum-grade materials available. They are the same as prints we have been exhibiting around the country and overseas. Each print is part of a total edition of 25 or 50 prints that can ever be made of an image, including all hand-numbered and signed prints 12”x12” or larger for black and white, and 12”x18” and larger for color. The price of a print is based on the size and the number of unsold prints still available in a particular edition, which means they can vary quite a bit. The larger the print, and less remaining in a particular edition, the more it will cost. The smaller the print and more of the original 25 or 50 are available, the less it will cost. Prices start at €615, although some more popular images in larger sizes will cost more than €1,000.

When prints are sold directly from our website, they are priced and shipped unframed. Framed prints can be purchased at Italian Choppers Gallery in Milan or during exhibitions around Europe only, mostly due to the cost of shipping. Because we find glass to be a much better material for viewing work than Plexiglas, and frame all of our prints for exhibition like this, the cost of safely shipping a glass-framed piece is exorbitant. We suggest you take the prints (or we can ship them directly) to a reputable framer than will work with your taste to come up with a unique presentation that will work best for you.